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Furniture for your custom home theater and home audio system needs to serve many functions. To name a few:

▪                House your equipment properly
▪                Hide unsightly wires, plugs, and cables
▪                Hide the entire system for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic
▪                Place focus on your beautiful new equipment
▪                Compliment your style, decor and room architecture
▪                Enable proper placement to maximize your experience
▪                Provide convenience in use

Whether you need it to be the centerpiece of the room or to hide it, the system needs to be reliable. High quality, well built furniture is essential for the lasting protection and overall functionality of your system.

If the furniture enables hiding the system for a minimalist approach or to emphasizes your room, it’s important to consider the accessibility and convenience that furniture will provide. While you may want it hidden it will need some attention from time to time.

Furniture should not be viewed as simply a basic convenience, but rather it should also compliment the architecture of the room and most importantly, emphasize your personal style and choice of décor.  Whether we are providing the furniture for your ‘do-it-yourself’ venture or designing and installing it for you, we prioritize your particular system needs and emphasize your personal preferences . This includes using our 20+ years experience to provide you with expert opinions on to best add to your existing layout as well as new custom home theater seating and any future alterations you may have in mind.

Construction materials can include many different fine woods to metals and glass structures. We carry a large selection of high quality furniture of all types at amazing prices.

Borwick’s Performance Hi Fidelity works with the finest in home audio and theater furniture. Furniture is the ultimate collaboration of form and function. From fine woods to glass and metal we make sure your high-end home audio and custom home theater components are protected and housed properly.

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