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If you’ve ever been to an IMAX theater, you can vividly recall the large screen displaying a brilliant, crystal-clear picture as well as the powerful and robust sound that captivates the audience, automatically drawing them into the film.

{if you choose to keep the above sentence, one question may be “why not refer to the individual instead of the audience?” My reasoning is that given the product in question, showing off such a system to family/friends may appeal more to the majority of the product market’s demographic than the idea of enjoying it alone. Regardless, cut it if necessary}

Now imagine being the owner of such an advanced and effective entertainment system for use in your own home whenever you desired.

That is what’s possible when using Borwick’s Performance Hi-Fi to help you choose, and customize, and install your own Home Theater system. Design and installation are vital processes which should not be over-looked by anyone seeking a true, quality home theater system. The right components without the correct placement analysis and installation will result in decreased quality.

The experts at Borwick’s Performance Hi-fidelity have attained extensive knowledge in designing and installing customized home theater and high-audio systems since 1988. Taking advantage of these invaluable assets will help you attain the maximum potential for your home-theater experience.

Ultimately, you are able to experience the best quality in sound and video while maintaining a clean and sleek integration into your chosen theater environment.

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